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Hello, my colour prediction gaming friends today we talked about the new colour prediction gaming app which name is the TC lottery prediction apk.In today’s article, we are going to tell you about TC lottery prediction. How can you make your colour prediction even stronger? and we are going to tell you some tips and secret cheats of TC lottery prediction, by doing so you can increase your earnings.

How to play colour prediction games and bet on colour and in this article we are going to give tips to increase your winning chances. In this TC Lottery Prediction Apk, you will find a lot of prediction games which are Ads-free and enough for your entertainment. You can guess your prediction in a fixed period by being relaxed and without disturbing anyone in Ads Free.

TC Lottery Prediction Group

For this, first of all, you have to download this new lottery prediction app on your device.

How can you do that? Let us give you further information about it.

Download or install the TC lottery prediction app on your iOS or Android device by clicking on the link given below.

After this, register or log in in very easy steps in the TC lottery prediction app.

TC Lottery Prediction Game:

Step 1: First of all you open the TC lottery app on your Android device.

Step 2: After opening, log in with your registered mobile number or TC lottery password.

Step 3: Now you will reach the lottery home page.

Step 4: Now the option of lottery game will appear in front of you, click on it.

TC lottery App Colour Prediction Game

Step 5: Now the color prediction games will be available in front of you, Choose one and then click on it when the color prediction game is visible in your image.

Step 6: Now read it carefully to know how you can make colour predictions.

Step 7: First of all, you must have a valid account balance to play the game. If your lottery wallet is not recharged then recharge it first.

Step 8: Now you have time frames for gaming results, select one minute, three minutes, five minutes and three minutes. We would recommend you select a minute time frame as you will enjoy colour prediction with fast results.

Step 9: Now you have three colours available which are Red, Green, and Violet. Select one and place the bet of your choice on the number.

Step 10: After one minute result will come, If you have chosen which color you will win.

In this way, you can earn by continuing your prediction.

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Secret Tips:     

We are going to tell you the secret tips to play the TC lottery prediction game, Its accuracy is 75% in you will win. The secret tip is that you have to place the bet on the same colour three times Whether you are predicting on red colour or you are predicting on green and violet colours.

Every time you have to predict three times on the same color and place a bet. You are guaranteed to be in two out of three times. Every time you have to place your bet in double the amount of the previous bet, keep this day and you will be in profit. It amazing secret tip, if you want, you can share this tip in your friend circle as well.


So friends, in today’s article on TC lottery prediction, we have given you information about how to play color prediction games. Here we have told you about some of its winning secret tips so that you can earn well. A link to the official website of TC Lottery Prediction has been provided so that you can easily download and install this app.

If you need any more information regarding this app then you can ask us any time in the comment box below.

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