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9987up.cc is a colour prediction earning app. The 9987up.cc app is also known as the TC Lottery app, which will be familiar to you. With the 9987up.cc earning app, you can earn money online by playing betting games and referring people to the app. So if you are fascinated about earning money online, you can register on the 9987up.cc app. 


How To Download And Register On 9987up.cc App?

If you want to access the 9987up.cc known as the TC Lottery app, you need to register with an account on their website or app. After that, if you want, you can download the 9987up.cc APK also. 

So here are the additional details to download and register on the 9987up.cc app. 

Step 1 – Open any browser and open the 9987up.cc website.  

Step 2 – After that, open the Register page of the 9987up.cc website. 

Step 3 – On the register page, you need to enter a mobile number, login password, and recommendation code 


Step 4 – You now need to click on the register button. 

Step 5 – After that, move to the homepage on the 9987up.cc website. 

Step 6 – Click on the download button, and the APK file for 9987up.cc will start downloading. 

Step 7 – After that, install the 9987up.cc (TC Lottery) APK on your device. 

So by following these details, you can easily download and register on the 9987up.cc app. 

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Why TC Lottery Website Name Is 9987up.cc?

The TC Lottery is a famous colour prediction website whose official website is 9987up.cc. So you might be wondering why the official website name is not the same as the TC Lottery website. 

Then, I cannot give you an accurate answer to this because there are no exact details available about it. However, I can try to provide you with an answer based on some assumptions. 

So the first theory can be that they don’t want to name TC Lottery because then their website will straightly come under the lottery and casinos categories. Hence, they choose to name only the title of the website as TC Lottery and not the name of the website. 

The other theory can be that 9987 is an angel number, which is why they have named the TC Lottery website name 9987up.cc. 

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